The Joys of Summer

Is it time to summerize your home?

The sun is rising early, your days are long and warm, and best of all are those slightly cooler, long, lazy, summer evenings, ice clinking in the glass!

You will be wanting to spend much of your time outdoors perhaps at the beach or on holiday or with the kids at the pool. There will still be times when you will want to retreat alone  into the ‘coolth’ of the house. As a creative homemaker you can prepare for those quiet, alone moments of cool retreat that help you get back into the comfort zone.

As a creative homemaker you may also want to prepare for the extra guests you are going to enjoy in the summer. Expect your kids to bring over their friends, expect your husband to invite guests to the barbecue.  So you may want  to spruce things up a bit.

Curb Appeal and the Outside of your Home 

  •  Sweep the path to the front door and dust off the planters.
  • Think about cleaning, re-painting or replacing your house numbers. It’s the first impression of your home.
  • Get your hubby to repaint the front door, a lighter and brighter color.
  •  Vital and Important: Note any areas of clutter in the yard or in the house and very quickly fix them. Clutter detracts from the charm of summer.
  • Here is an engaging suggestion: Find one unique, outdoor chair, and place it near the mailbox. Make this the comfortable and inviting place you always sit while you sift through the mail.  A good idea is to have  easy access to the garbage bin on the way back to the house. After all, why take the junk-mail into your house?

Summerizing the Inside of your Home  

  •  There is nothing like a fresh natural summer scent to fill your house with joy. The easiest way to turn your house into a summer garden is with the Picture Lady Aroma Lamps and the Natural Oils from Africa. 
  • Use mirrors to lighten up your rooms and to set a magical, airy, look. Did you know that you can order mirrors in any of the Picture Lady exquisite frames?.
  • Take down any pictures with dark or heavy colors (or people in winter garb). This will include your winter family pictures which you can bring back again for Christmas. Replace these with lighter summer themes.
  • Fill bowls with citrus to add color and to also freshen the scent. Place these on your dining and coffee tables.
  • On your coffee tables place summer magazines with pictures of  gardens or vacations homes on the cover
  • Microfiber summer sheets Last but not least an excellent choice for summer sheets is the silky Microfiber sheets from Picture Lady where you have a choice of many summer colors.  It is vital to find your good summer sheets before the autumn nights, because nothing is worse than feeling hot and sticky in your bed at night. Men seem to suffer worse than women on hot summer nights and you can expect them to get crabby.

Often parents wonder what they can do over the summer to keep the children busy. We suggest if you can,  that you fill your long, lazy summer days with PLAY. My mother taught me how to water-ski and precious are those memories of a time shared with her and of gliding over water that was as smooth as a mirror in the late, long, summer evenings. I remember seeing a lazy duck swim out of the reeds, the only movement beside the wake of the boat in my laid-back summer world.

It is with memories of family quality time, of a lazy life in the comfort zone that filled my childhood with joy!

Quote for the Week

Flip flops & sunshine = FUNTIME!  –  Source Unknown.



Fourth of July

Caught flat footed?  Been working too hard? Not yet ready?

Go out early and buy some blueberries and raspberries and whipped cream. Take some squat glasses and put a layer of blueberries then whipped cream, then raspberries then whipped cream and so on up. If your kids have a sweet tooth, sweeten the cream with Stevia to stop that sugar frenzy that will spoil your day.  Your family will love the decorative dessert!

Independence Day

Independence Day

Now hotfoot down to “Dollar Tree” and buy some flags and red white a blue artificial flowers. You can make the house look festive in less than an half an hour!

While there buy some red white and blue tissue paper and a bunch of red white and blue “whatever”!. Put the trivia objects in a basket or a bin and leave it in the center of the table.  Tell your kids this is a “hat contest”.  Tell them they can use anything in the bin or anything else they can rustle up to make themselves a 4th July hat.  Give them until noon to get their creation finished. That’ll give you time to do the cooking.

Then settle back to enjoy the fabulous lunch or barbecue!  Hey, you are a creative homemaker and it’s your day too!

Did you know?

The bald eagle our national mascot can achieve a speed of nearly 200 miles per hour  when diving for a catch. Normally it flies about 30 miles per hour.

It is rumored that during the cold war in the ball on top of our flagpoles, there could be found a razor blade, a lighter and a bullet.  This was so that Americans could destroy the flag if the Russians invaded.

That Calvin Coolidge was born on the Fourth of July.  That Thomas Jefferson died on the Fourth of July.

That there are 31 places in our nation with Liberty in the name.  Iowa has more than any other state with Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty.

Some good Fourth of July Quotes

Better to starve free than be a fat slave – Aesop

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. – George Bernard Shaw

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every Fourth of July. They celebrate not with a parade of guns, tanks and soldiers who file by the White House in a parade of strength and muscle; but with family picnics where the kids throw Frisbees. They are having fun where the potato salad gets iffy and the flies all die of happiness!

You may think you have overeaten but it is all about patriotism – Erma Bombeck