Mother’s Day

Share what your Mother means to you with your Family and the World.

Little Pictures

Man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but it is his love for his mother that is the most lasting. In earlier times a son or daughter would be asked to suppress this love; caring was considered soppy, a mere weakness in a world dominated by force. There was even was a time when women were regarded as chattels, as mere property.

Sadly this is still true in many cultures in a backward world.

We have won the battle for women in America, and we did it in the last hundred years. What will we do with the next hundred years?

We have new channels for sharing our ideas. We need to share not only with our special ones but with the world how we see family, and how we see the gentle art of mothering.

My daughter-in-law acknowledged her Mother on Facebook last month for her assistance on a project. I am sure her mother smiled.

A Facebook friend posted his “limitless” love for his new wife.   He described what she had done to be a mother to his three daughters from a prior marriage.  I cried.  What a strong and loving man to express himself so clearly.  “Limitless” was his word.  I am sure his new wife smiled.

Can you speak up next month. Can you post to the world, so that your Mother and the world knows just exactly what she means to you?

Be sure to tell her also, so that she smiles too.


Quote for the month

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding. 
— Erma Bombeck