Easy to Apply Topical Pain Relief Lotion & Smells Great also

Extraordinary Results


This Nature Cream Reduces Inflammation! RTPR carries natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they’re needed most. That means lasting pain relief and comfort with movement, so that you can take your attention off your hurting body and get on with what is important for you to do. In life.

RTPR Revitalizes Tissue, Muscles and Joints! You’ll experience increased motion, increased blood flow and healthier tissue, and that means you are on your way to sustained happy living.

It is a true blessing to alleviate the natural, chronic discomforts of ageing like arthritis in a way that is natural with no side effects.

RTPR creams are FDA approved with no safety warnings on the lable. Safe, proven and effective.

Click on the order button above and order a ten dollar tube. RTPR will send you a second tube for free.  This is enough lotion for you to try and enjoy the benefits that turned my life around.

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A Second Stream of Income

The 4 Stages of RTPR
Every successful business goes through a series of growth stages.  Sometimes those stages are carefully planned, but often, market conditions determine the course a company takes to success.  At RTPR, we have found that carefully monitoring the market and the success of other companies are key to charting our course.  RTPR has completed the first two stages of our journey and is well into Stage Three.  Here is an overview:
The Pain Relief Stage (1998-2010) – We call this finding our identity and perfecting our product.  In this stage, we were focused on creating the best pain relief formulas on the market.  The way we determined the effectiveness of our product was the number of referrals our customers made.
The Event Marketing Stage (2011-2016) – We created an opportunity to for vendors to monetize this product using the Sample to Sell method at events.  While this may seem like a simple stage, only about 1 in 1,000 products (and virtually no other home business products) can successfully be monetized in a retail environment.  We were not only successful in this stage; the event marketing system has enabled many vendors to make a full-time income through event marketing.
The Customer Acquisition Stage (2017-“2021ish”)
Background – In recent years, it has become very clear that Wall Street is putting a premium on companies that control their distribution and interaction with their customers once they reach 1,000,000 customers.  The best example of this it the Dollar Shave Club, which reached one million customers and sold for one billion dollars with annual sales of less than one hundred and fifty million.  RTPR has established a goal of reaching 1,000,000 online customers by 2021.  We have developed a plan that engages and rewards vendors for participation in this program.
Vendor Customer Acquisition Program  We will be producing a serious of blog posts to explain the opportunity that vendors have to create three unprecedented income streams from this program:
  • Active Income
  • Passive Income
  • Equity Income
Maximizing Corporate Value Stage (“2021ish”-?) – With all vendors having the opportunity to become Vendor-Owners and to accumulate significant stock, the goal of maximizing corporate value is crucial to everyone.  Whether RTPR goes public or is purchased, every stockholder will benefit significantly from as RTPR’s value is maximized.
Peter and I are honored to be connected with this fine family business. We were vendor owners after fourteen months.  We spend quality time, but not that much time on our second stream of income, often only going out to move product on a Sunday. What we like is the many, many ways we are able to leverage our extra stream of income with this company, We are here for the duration.
Most of all this journey has been fun!
We are happy to send you more information and to answer all your questions