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I am known as the Picture Lady, AKA the Creative Home Maker. My husband and I live in Southern California in a mall mountain village that has its own Log Cabin Post Office and Log Cabin General Store and Log Cabin Church. If Log Cabin is not your thing, you may still agree that in these trouble times, turning your home into a Safe Haven is a good idea. In this blog I shall be sharing insights on how to create the better life, giving you ways to get back into the comfort zone and bringing a smile to your lips. I am hoping that in some small way my tips will suggest ways to help you to close the door, and leave a troubled world outside. Home is the key; my husband and I have a passion for improving your quality of life.

Easy to Apply Topical Pain Relief Lotion & Smells Great also

Extraordinary Results


This Nature Cream Reduces Inflammation! RTPR carries natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they’re needed most. That means lasting pain relief and comfort with movement, so that you can take your attention off your hurting body and get on with what is important for you to do. In life.

RTPR Revitalizes Tissue, Muscles and Joints! You’ll experience increased motion, increased blood flow and healthier tissue, and that means you are on your way to sustained happy living.

It is a true blessing to alleviate the natural, chronic discomforts of ageing like arthritis in a way that is natural with no side effects.

RTPR creams are FDA approved with no safety warnings on the lable. Safe, proven and effective.

Click on the order button above and order a ten dollar tube. RTPR will send you a second tube for free.  This is enough lotion for you to try and enjoy the benefits that turned my life around.

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The swapmeet is on Soledad Canyon Road.




A Second Stream of Income

The 4 Stages of RTPR
Every successful business goes through a series of growth stages.  Sometimes those stages are carefully planned, but often, market conditions determine the course a company takes to success.  At RTPR, we have found that carefully monitoring the market and the success of other companies are key to charting our course.  RTPR has completed the first two stages of our journey and is well into Stage Three.  Here is an overview:
The Pain Relief Stage (1998-2010) – We call this finding our identity and perfecting our product.  In this stage, we were focused on creating the best pain relief formulas on the market.  The way we determined the effectiveness of our product was the number of referrals our customers made.
The Event Marketing Stage (2011-2016) – We created an opportunity to for vendors to monetize this product using the Sample to Sell method at events.  While this may seem like a simple stage, only about 1 in 1,000 products (and virtually no other home business products) can successfully be monetized in a retail environment.  We were not only successful in this stage; the event marketing system has enabled many vendors to make a full-time income through event marketing.
The Customer Acquisition Stage (2017-“2021ish”)
Background – In recent years, it has become very clear that Wall Street is putting a premium on companies that control their distribution and interaction with their customers once they reach 1,000,000 customers.  The best example of this it the Dollar Shave Club, which reached one million customers and sold for one billion dollars with annual sales of less than one hundred and fifty million.  RTPR has established a goal of reaching 1,000,000 online customers by 2021.  We have developed a plan that engages and rewards vendors for participation in this program.
Vendor Customer Acquisition Program  We will be producing a serious of blog posts to explain the opportunity that vendors have to create three unprecedented income streams from this program:
  • Active Income
  • Passive Income
  • Equity Income
Maximizing Corporate Value Stage (“2021ish”-?) – With all vendors having the opportunity to become Vendor-Owners and to accumulate significant stock, the goal of maximizing corporate value is crucial to everyone.  Whether RTPR goes public or is purchased, every stockholder will benefit significantly from as RTPR’s value is maximized.
Peter and I are honored to be connected with this fine family business. We were vendor owners after fourteen months.  We spend quality time, but not that much time on our second stream of income, often only going out to move product on a Sunday. What we like is the many, many ways we are able to leverage our extra stream of income with this company, We are here for the duration.
Most of all this journey has been fun!
We are happy to send you more information and to answer all your questions

Pain Relief Lotion (Natural Ingredients)

Don’t mask your pain, resolve it with our topical, natural formula 

The unique Ingredients work at the site of the pain to increase the circulation and to reduce inflammation.  RTPR carries the natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they’re needed most.. With  increased blood flow and healthier tissue, this means you are on your way back to a happier, more comfortable life.

RTPR Lotion

Absorbs in seconds

Safe for everyday use

No oily residue

No medicine smell

Made in an FDA monitored facility

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


Some of the ingredients in the lotion are Aloe Vera, Arnica, Capsicum, Chondroitin,
Emu Oil,  Glucasamine, Menthol, MSM, Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, Coriander, and Rue Leaf

Most customers experience results within minutes of using the lotion, however, if you have any of the “- itis” type pain (e.g., arthritis)  we suggest you do the nine-day regimen for lasting results.

arthritisArthritis Pain 
Mosquito Bites
Sinus Headaches
Carpal Tunnel
Neck Pain
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Nerve Pain                                                                                                                        & Chronic Back Pain & more . . .

Even if not doing the regimen, you want to always apply the cream twice – the first time is to increase the circulation. When you experience some reaction  (a tingling, cooling or the muscles loosen up) then you can apply your second application to the same place. Now the anti-inflammatory ingredients are able to penetrate. Emu Oil is able to go through seven layers of skin and takes all the other ingredients with it. (Note: not to worry if the first reaction is slight. It happens within minutes. It is the second application that is telling)

If you are doing the nine day regimen for your chronic condition, you apply the lotion three times a day, i.e. middle of the morning middle of the afternoon and at bedtime.

Most customers quickly experience a good reaction, however; getting rapid relief does not mean that you should stop the nine-day regimen, you should continue using REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF for the entire nine days, applying it at least three times a day. 

Ccarousel overview

At the end of nine days, “listen” to your body and begin applying REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF at intervals that will help you begin the steps toward long term pain resolution. Once again you can look forward to enjoying your life again. This is the miracle of Real Time.

Quote for the Week

“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”
J K. Rowling


Lynn, the Picture Lady

About the Author
For over twenty-five years, Lynn Verhoeff (as the Picture Lady) visited hospitals and large corporations to set up fundraising events.

You can read more about her (and the products) at www.picturelady.com


Sports Cream  

Sports are Competitive – is this why they are such fun?

RTPR SportsAthletes of all sizes, shapes and different abilities all want to perform at their best.  And that means not being hampered by injury, pain or physical ailments.  Athletes look for something that will help:

  • prevent muscle cramps
  • keep inflammation at bay
  • allow for faster recovery
  • increase circulation

RTPR SPORTS is an FDA registered OTC with menthol as the active ingredient. It is effective for relieving pain from:

sports cream·         cramps

·         bruising

·         tendonitis

·         runner’s knee

·         turf toe

·         plantar fasciitis

·         tennis elbow

·         golfer’s elbow

·         bursitis


It relieves the ache of just plain OVER DOING IT – great while you are pushing it, but not so good as you try to sleep that night or work the following morning. Aches and pains can be a distraction and break your focus. If you apply RTPR SPORTS before and you may not have to experience the consequences!

I have a customer at Edwards Airforce Base who buys from me regularly. He swears it lowers his golf handicap!  What I have heard from other customers is that if they apply the lotion before, while exercising their muscles are looser and then if they put it on again after,  they find the lotion a blessing and a comfort.

Aloe Vera PlantAloe Vera

Some of the natural ingredients in RTPR SPORTS are:
Menthol, Aloe Vera, Magnesium, Turmeric, Cypress, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Arnica, Calendula, Corn Flower, Coriander, Emu Oil, Witch Hazel, , Nutmeg, Willowbark & Wintergreen.

We invite you to try-out  the newly improved  RTPR SPORTS

We shall be at the Santa Clarita Swap Meet on Sunday.  You can find us at Booth 60 near the METRO Bathroom. The address is 22500 Soledad Cyn Road, Santa Clarita, CA 91350



Planning Ahead for Mother’s Day (updated 2017)

Mother's Day

Explaining Photo-to-Artwork – the Unique Gift

I am excited to share info on our Photo-to-Artwork with you.
This is such a creative endeavor, where we  work with each customer to preserve their special memories.

For example: Here we have taken the photographs of five special grand children and put them together in a basket of daisies for one very, special Mom.

What we do is take the customer’s photos on the  phone. They can text or email them to us, very easy. Then we retouch and enhance the pictures.. We add a special texture which makes the picture look like an oil painting.  Then we frame it up exquisitely. It can then hang on the wall or stand on a desk.

We spend a lot of tender loving care on each picture. However, we do not charge for the photo work. Each picture is priced by size to keep it simple.  So if a customer has old or damaged photos in an old shoe box, wants retouching, this can be a good deal for them. Yes we also work with hard copy photographs, some of them really, really old.

What is superior about our photo-to-artwork is the excellent selection of quality frames.

Here are some pages that illustrate what we have been able to do.

     My Granddaughter Sofia when she was Five

At our events we also sell sheets, soft cuddly blankets, and a unique homeopathic pain relieving cream that reduces tension. All our products are unique, truly wonderful comfort products. We are delighted to share them with you.

Finally here are some Stories from Happy Customers.

We look forward to scheduling a fundraising event with you for Mother’s Day or sometime in the near future.

Quote for the Day 

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever . . . 

Aloe Vera Health Benefits

The remarkable healing properties of Aloe Vera have been known for thousands of years. In fact, Aloe Vera was known to the  ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. Even a Sumerian tablet, dating back to 2100 BC, mentions it. (More info)

The Aloe Vera plant grows in the wild in many warm, dry areas of the world. It is native to Northern Africa. It is a succulent plant that somewhat resembles a cactus. Its thick, thorny leaves contain a gel that has been used through the ages for its healing properties.

Aloe Vera PlantSome of the known benefits of Aloe Vera are:

  • Promotes the healing of burns
  • Contains a wide range of vitamins
  • Has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties
  • Smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles

Drinking Aloe Vera juice can reduce dental plaque and mouth ulcers (canker sores). It is also used to reduce constipation and in diabetics it lowers blood sugar.

No wonder that it has such an amazing track record! Aloe Vera is one of the many beneficial ingredients present in all Real Time Pain Relief products.

Because you Deserve a Good Night’s Rest

Are Microfiber Sheets a Good Choice?

Cuddly catWhen you go shopping you are likely to find bed sheets made of many different threads. What exactly is Microfiber?

There are variations in the threads, with a blend of cotton, polyester, and nylon being the most common Microfiber. In fact the term microfiber refers to any fiber where the strands are less than a denier in width; a denier is a measurement that is used to identify the fiber thickness of the individual threads. Apart from bed sheets you may have seen the term when buying pantyhose or stockings. A denier is extremely fine, three times more so than cotton. This makes for very soft sheets.

Some complain of static with these sheets but this seems to be the only downside. This is easy to correct with a fabric softener like BOUNCE in the drier when they are washed.

 The advantages of Microfiber Sheets

  • They  need no ironing; they do not wrinkle
  • They do not develop cotton balls
  • They are durable and seem to last forever.
  • If liquid spills it will bead up and be easy to wipe off the sheet leaving no stain
  • There is a significant price advantage over all other sheets, especially King and Cal King.
  • In the summertime these sheets breathe so you don’t sleep all sweaty.

Deep Pocket Sheets
All sheets now add extra inches for deep pocket mattresses but some are better than others. Always check the measurements which will be listed on the packaging.

Green, blue and beige sheets

You may well find you want to switch to microfiber sheets, the ultimate in comfort.

 Quote for the Week
Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone!

Anthony Burgess. 


A very personal gift: A Picture Lady Photo-to-Artwork 


Create a unique picture for each child or grandchild 




Photo-to-Artwork is the ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day or Christmas.

This is because it is so personal and unique; something really special. If your parents have downsized, you may want to consider a collage where you are able to put many family pictures into one frame. You create this work of art together with Picture Lady and there is no extra charge for making a collage, as there is also no extra charge for photo-restoration. In this collage above there is a special scripture and you can always add this as a family inspiration. One customer wrote a short poem for a new baby and included it in her collage, another wanted to remember her very special Mother’s Day Card and we put this in the center, with family pictures all around. Photo-to-Artwork is about making and keeping good memories and passing them down through the generations.

Prices for a Photo-to-Artwork creation:

  • 8×10″      $55.00
  • 11×14″    $75.00
  • 16×20″    $125.00

    (Because no extra charge for photo-work this is a very good deal)

You can make a collage not only of your children or grandchildren, but also of your pets; they don’t live as long as we and so there is often a loss and a sadness when they go. Here is a tribute to a smart cat who passed. He managed not only his owner but also all the other furry friends in the house. This big cat was unique in that he used his paw to eat. He lifted each morsel from the bowl and only then would he consume. Not a pretty cat, but can’t you just see the intelligence?

.cat collage

Here are some Picture-to-Artwork stories that we think you will enjoy:

“Picture Lady”, said the bride “ when we married we were as poor as church-mice.” She showed me the picture. The were young and quite attractive.

It was not a white wedding, but she was wearing a fine blue dress and while he was not in a tux his suit was dark and also appropriate. Behind them arched an old oak tree. So far, so good. They looked great.  The problem was that right behind the gorgeous couple and the gorgeous tree stood an ugly, beat-up gray-blue truck.  Not good. We changed the background to add more trees and flowers and some blue sky to match the bride’s dress and we gave them perfect wedding photos twenty years after the fact.

Some photographs go on some strange adventures! We were brought a photograph of a family that was taken back and forth in Africa, folded up in the father’s pocket as he fled from land to land to avoid civil strife. His family had been engaged in a project to relocate the family (all five children) to America. Mother came first and began training to be a nurse. This is how we met for we did an art show at her hospital. Each year she brought another child to freedom while the father staid in East Africa with those who had been left behind. Unfortunately after the last child (the eldest) came to America civil strife broke out in North East Africa and the father was forced to flee to save his life grateful that at least his family was now safe. While on the run he would take out a folded picture of his beloved family which he always kept in his pocket. It was this picture that kept his hopes and dreams alive that he would eventually be able to join them.

And he did. This is a story with a happy ending.

His wife brought the scratched picture he had carried so long in his pocket to me (now crusted with sweat and dirt). She asked if it could be recovered. They would have been able to have a new celebration family picture in America but the truth was that no other picture would have as much meaning. Could we fix and restore the picture? Yes indeed we could. But there was still an extra challenge. The picture was torn and the oldest daughter was missing cut in half on the right hand side of the photo.

We took her from a different photo and put her back into her family picture. Then we also fixed up the cracks and the photo damage. The father gave it to his wife for Mother’s Day. It sits in a place of honor in their living room.

We sometimes forget that not everybody has it as easy as we do in America.

Some of our better results are for precious family members who have passed.  The family needed a good picture of their mother, recently deceased; they wanted it for her celebration of life. The problem was this happy mother had been such a social person there was not a single photo of her alone; there were several children and not one had such a picture! There were many photos but always placing her in the middle of a group.

So we extracted her smiling face from a family photo and erased the busy background.  There she was finally alone in all her glory. I think if she was there at her special memorial event she would have liked that picture.

We have the skill to put your photos together to create a whole new family picture.
It is in the art of putting what is important in one picture together. The family had always remembered Poppa and Nanna with the house where the family met on special occasions. Here they are together with their lovely home.

final house

Our last story is from a customer who was raised by a grandmother and it had been a warm and sustaining relationship. The grandmother lived a long productive life and raised her grandchild with love and affection but she was older and she finally moved on.  Also gone were several of her siblings who had often been around the home while our customer was growing up.  She had many older (somewhat tattered black and white photographs

She chose to do her frames and pictures in sepia which gives that antique look.   It was a good call.



This is what she thought when it was done:

“My family loves the pictures. When you come into my home, the Heritage Wall is like a magnet and everybody goes there to admire it. It brings the family together providing us with a history – a pictorial story of the family including all our loved ones who have passed. You do really excellent work! Thank you so much” Carol B.W. Riverside


What do you need to know if you chose to do a Photo-to-Artwork with Picture Lady?

Our frames are exquisite.  We are also able to frame needlepoint. In addition to do Photo-to-Artwork we do custom framing.

frame one

ArTex makes the photo look like an oil painting when it really is not.  You would pay between $500 and $1000 for an oil on canvas even when it is a copy. With our service the cost to you is between $55.00 and $175.00 depending on the size and the frame. Nor do we charge for the photo work. We keep it simple.


What a great gift Photo-to-Artwork is for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and for Christmas!

The ache for home lives in all of us, a place to which we can go and be ourselves. It has to be a safe place into which we can retreat and not be questioned. It should also be a beautiful place, for beauty is uplifting and a pretty and comforting home is where we like to go to get recharged. When we have the people that we care about around us, even if they are not actually physically present but in the form of precious, enhanced photographs, it brings back past joys of sharing and this is what is sustaining.

Quote for the Month

 Now that . . .  my children are grown, I understand how much work and love it takes to keep a family together. The example of my mother’s strength, devotion and patience is now rippling through the generations.

Forest Houtenschil

Yum-Yum Purr

A Christmas Story for you to read to the Grand Kids


Yum Yum, the Christmas Monkey

In a far place in the old country is a magical place where loving families can still find enchantment.  The best thing about this unusual turreted motel is the Petting Zoo.

At this time of the year, the month before Christmas, you will find the animals at the bottom of the garden where they huddle together under the faerie lights. And down there snuggled in Kanga’s pouch is an itsy, bitty, little monkey who happens to be the hero of this story.

When Yum Yum’s mother was taken to the BIG ZOO and never ever heard of, or even seen again, it was Kanga, the kangaroo who found the shivering little monkey.  Demonstrating the spirit of the season she hugged him and stroked him and caressed him. “Oh my!” she said, “you are so very, very sweet and I think I may have fallen in love!”  Then she stuck the bitsy thing  safely into her pouch, carefully leaving his little head out, so he could breathe.


The Christmas Monkey

The Christmas Monkey

That was when a big steel bird flew across the sky creating a cacophony. The little monkey dived deep down under and he was not seen again. But even little monkeys get hungry and after three long days he wiggled up and tentatively ventured his head out again saw Bray and dived down again. This was when Kanga knew she had to do something or she would lose the best Christmas present she had ever been blessed with.

Bray, her donkey friend, had frightened the monkey so she couldn’t go to him. She thought of Elevated the Giraffe  whose vision and loftier perspective she valued but he, too, didn’t seem right.  Then she  thought of Babuum.  Yes she would take the monkey to Babuum. After all Babuum, the singing gorilla, was from the same species, or wasn’t he? It was lucky Babuum was visiting in the zoo while waiting for his concertina to be repaired. Normally he sang and danced at the train station.

“We have to do something,” said Kanga. “This little monkey will die if he stays here at the bottom of my pouch. I am not even sure that he can breathe.”

“I think this calls for a special meeting” said Babuum in a ponderous voice.

“Oh braai!!” echoed Bray, the donkey in dismay.

Babuum asked “Singing Wind” to summon the animals. It was a good choice for the bird did loops in an out of the Christmas decorations, and popped a light here and there, and in this way was able to gain the attention of the animals. When they all looked up in wonder charmed by the colored lights reflecting in his dark feathers the bird sat on a branch and explained why Babuum wanted their help. They all began slowly making their way to the clearing at the bottom of the garden.

Even the domestic animals from the big house came on down.  Mackie, the mongrel who was often found fluttering around the legs of Elevated whom he loved to tease, left the big house and bounced on down. Bella, the sleek and sensuous Siamese cat came mincing down the path, followed by her three little pom, pom kittens.

The two magical elves “Hit” and “Miss” were there. They were the most insouciant, and the most mischievous of all the faerie folk, never evil but definitely naughty. They were able to do powerful magic, but their magic lasted only while they were being good. One misstep, one bad deed and the magic would dissipate like smoke from a genie’s lamp.

“Hit” and “Miss” were hanging out in the trees amidst the fairy lights, keeping tabs so they could report back to the faerie kingdom.

The rooster and the hens, the pig and the piglets, all were there. The three sheep were going bla, bla bla. Only Billy the Goat was missing, He had staid up at the top of the garden scrounging up whatever food he could, glad not to be held accountable.

Sneak the snake had slithered on down, not that you would know. Like the mischievous elves he was there and then not there.

Babuum was wearing his top hat to give a greater importance to this meeting. He began the meeting with an off key version of an old fashioned  Christmas carol.

“Christmas is a coming, the egg is in the nog.
Please give a friendly donkey, a friendly little dog.
We don’t have a reindeer so a monkey will have to do,
We all come down to the bottom to help a saintly kangaroo.”

He took off his top hat and bowed first to Kanga and then to his congregation.

“Listen up!” he said solemnly.  “We have a new animal joining us at the petting zoo. And that is always good!  But he is very little and has been taken from his mother, Kanga has been looking after him.”  For just a brief moment, Yum Yum’s tiny little face peeked out again from her pouch and then dived again down under, “and there he is.”

“I saw him!” said a duck.

“We have to decide what we are going to do,” said Babuum simply.

Bray proposed that Kanga should continue to care for the monkey.  He said it was a good thing she had done. She loved him. You could see it in her eyes.

“I think Kanga did a wonderful thing to find and care for the little monkey but I do not agree that she should keep him,” said Elevated slowly.

Babuum said, “You surprise me Elevated; you are good friends with the kangaroo. You must know she is the kindest animal in the zoo?”

“That she is,” said Elevated from his lofty giraffe height. “but I have one thing to ask you, to ask you all , how is she going to feed an itsy, tiny little bit of a monkey?”

There were long faces all around.  The hens clucked and the sheep bleated.

“How does one feed an itsy bitty monkey?” asked Babuum, echoed by Kanga,

That was when a surprising thing happened. Bella the Siamese cat glided forward into the clearing.

“Meow, excuse me” she said hesitantly.  While to all the other animals she had always seemed haughty, the truth was this elegant cat was actually shy. She was also kind. “I will take him to the beeeg house and raise him with my keeettens,” she said.

“But he is safe and happy with the kangaroo”

“Kanga can come often. The minkey can come to the garden in the day. At the beeg house the dear little thing will get the meellk.”

“We are going to need some human help if he is to survive.” agreed  Babuum slowly.

“Comment? What you all theeenk?”

“I love him already and will be sorry to see him go,” said Kanga but I know  he will not survive without your help. Thank you Bella, he is very, very little.”
So it was decided.

So this is the story of how Yum Yum survived happily with two families, one at the big house and one down in the garden with the animals who had found and helped him.

It was also where he got his name, spoiled rotten where all the visiting children fought to feed him and had called him “Yum Yum.”

It was where he would cuddle quietly at night with the kittens and in the day he would ride around happily with Kanga.

Sadly it is also where he got his big obsession. More than anything in the little petting zoo, more than the big house itself, more than THE BIG ZOO which had swallowed up his mother, more than the big steel birds that fly across the sky and frighten him, more than the whole big wide world where Babuum had gone away again to perform, there was one thing he wanted more than anything.

He wanted to be able to purr.

Yum Yum wanted to purr.

Babuum returned to the petting zoo the day before Christmas and called another meeting where the little monkey who had now stolen every heart, was introduced to the magical elves “Hit and Miss”

“Will you grant him a Christmas wish?”  asked Babuum

“Grant him a Christmas wish,” chanted the animals.
After trying to wriggle out of the situation, finally the elves agreed. They really had no choice for Babuum had threatened to call out the Faerie Queen.

Christmas morning arrived crisp and clear, a light chill in the air but no wind, and no snow. It was the perfect day for Bella and her kittens to snuggle up on the comforter in the family room near the fireplace.  They were all so happy they were purring away.

Yes, and with them snuggled up, was Yum Yum and he too was purring loudly. He was purring the loudest of all.

Then “Hit” tied Snakes head to his tail and “Miss” strung the circular snake up in the middle of the Christmas lights and they laughed and laughed and laughed.

The animals nearly had a feast of sizzling snake for their Christmas dinner. When Yum Yum woke up he had stopped purring.

Yet he never forgot the absolute joy of that magical Christmas morning.







Conquering Our Fears

When we were small, we searched with no fear. We sought out the different, the surprising, the unusual. We treasured every new sensation, idea and person we met.

How different that is for those who have learned to stay in the familiar nest, not reaching out, not going to new places nor communicating to strangers.

How does a person change from the baby actively searching for new experiences to the old person who avoids surprises, preferring instead boring sameness? Perhaps if we knew what caused this, we could avoid it or even reverse it.

Well, we say, we were hurt by the burning stove or cut on the broken glass. We were betrayed by ones we loved or, worse yet, ridiculed by others.

Yes, those things occurred, no doubt. Yet, if any one of us were to look around, I’d wager that the pain, betrayal or ridicule is no longer present in our environment, only in our mind.

How often have you imagined an upcoming event with dread. Certain that some past ill would befall you, only to find that it never came to pass. You enjoyed yourself instead.

We tend to paint the future using pictures of our past. And when we’ve grown conservative or become wary, we are painting that future with only the bad parts of our past.

Most people don’t know this, but you can change what pictures and experiences guide you. Try this for a few days:

1. Don’t read the paper–or at least don’t read the news–read all the ads or sports scores you wish.
2. Don’t watch or listen to the news. It’s almost all bad.
3. Each day recall three things you intended to accomplish and did.
4. Deliberately smile when you meet five people each day.

See if this doesn’t change your outlook.

When you expect good things and accept whatever comes your way with interest, you will be the master of your life.

One of my favorite definitions of “greatness” is the ability to bring joy to others and results for yourself.   Peter Glickman – Author of the Master Cleanse

Note From Picture Lady
Twenty Five Years Ago a friend challenged us to go without TV for a month
– well we did and we felt so much better we have not watched ever since.

I don’t regret it as I get my news from the Internet – my favored source is Policy Mic

I do admit though I enjoy watching TV when I visit my sister and my kids.
It is something to look forward to. But then they also never watch the news.

Do you know that while I do know all about 9/11 – have researched it thoroughly and even written about it I did not see those towers coming down.
Catastrophe and the typical “bad news” that is the daily fare is in no way essential to your sense of well being.

I think that knowing what is going on is vital – but why have bad pictures thrust on you?

Let me issue the same challenge to you. Try no TV for a month.
Then come back selectively.
Some films and stories are real fun although they soak up time when
you could be creating things.
Quote for the Week

 To play safe, I prefer to accept only one type of power: the power of art over trash, the triumph of magic over the brute. 

Vladimir Naboko