Diego Rivera

Artist of the Month

In honor of Latino Heritage I am choosing the greatest of all Mexican Painters.

Diego is remembered as a revolutionary painter. His art reflects the spirit of his times.

Before he returned to Mexico in the twenties to attain a measure of fame, he spent fourteen years in Europe (Spain and France) joining the free- spirit artists that congregated around Picasso.

There the Russian Revolution was  fresh in everybody’s mind and it was still playing out – not the failed experiment as we see it today. Exciting (or that was how Diego saw it) ideas were breaking up the old and not just in society.The new Cubistic school of art effectively depicted the emotional content (rather than realism) and  this new style fascinated Diego..

After his return to Mexico he was commissioned by the Mexican Government to paint a series of murals. This he did and his art was bold, colorful and vibrant, depicting the simple life of the peasants.

In 1933 Nelson Rockefeller commissioned him to paint a mural for the Rockefeller Center.  Diego included a communist in the painting and Rockefeller absolutely insisted that he remove it. When the artist refused the rich man had the entire mural chipped off the walls!

Here are some of the Diego Rivera images in our catalog.

Digo Rivera  Peasant with basket of fruit

         Man with Calla Lilies                           Burden

In 1929 Diego married Frida Kahlo a renowned artist in her own right. His life has become memorable as a result of the outstanding film that described Diego’s wayward ways and his life with the tragic woman that loved him so much and that he hurt so deeply.

Quote of the Week

Every good composition is above all a work of abstraction
Diego Rivera