Pain Relief Lotion (Natural Ingredients)

Don’t mask your pain, resolve it with our topical, natural formula 

The unique Ingredients work at the site of the pain to increase the circulation and to reduce inflammation.  RTPR carries the natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to where they’re needed most.. With  increased blood flow and healthier tissue, this means you are on your way back to a happier, more comfortable life.

RTPR Lotion

Absorbs in seconds

Safe for everyday use

No oily residue

No medicine smell

Made in an FDA monitored facility

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals


Some of the ingredients in the lotion are Aloe Vera, Arnica, Capsicum, Chondroitin,
Emu Oil,  Glucasamine, Menthol, MSM, Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, Coriander, and Rue Leaf

Most customers experience results within minutes of using the lotion, however, if you have any of the “- itis” type pain (e.g., arthritis)  we suggest you do the nine-day regimen for lasting results.

arthritisArthritis Pain 
Mosquito Bites
Sinus Headaches
Carpal Tunnel
Neck Pain
Muscle Pain
Joint Pain
Nerve Pain                                                                                                                        & Chronic Back Pain & more . . .

Even if not doing the regimen, you want to always apply the cream twice – the first time is to increase the circulation. When you experience some reaction  (a tingling, cooling or the muscles loosen up) then you can apply your second application to the same place. Now the anti-inflammatory ingredients are able to penetrate. Emu Oil is able to go through seven layers of skin and takes all the other ingredients with it. (Note: not to worry if the first reaction is slight. It happens within minutes. It is the second application that is telling)

If you are doing the nine day regimen for your chronic condition, you apply the lotion three times a day, i.e. middle of the morning middle of the afternoon and at bedtime.

Most customers quickly experience a good reaction, however; getting rapid relief does not mean that you should stop the nine-day regimen, you should continue using REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF for the entire nine days, applying it at least three times a day. 

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At the end of nine days, “listen” to your body and begin applying REAL TIME PAIN RELIEF at intervals that will help you begin the steps toward long term pain resolution. Once again you can look forward to enjoying your life again. This is the miracle of Real Time.

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“Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.”
J K. Rowling


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